Deep Water Photographics | About
My interest in photography came very late. In the world of film photography, the wait between the click of the shutter and the finished print arriving in the mail proved to be too much waiting. By the time the prints arrived, what I had seen was a dim memory. All that changed when I got my first digital camera, a Sony Mavica which recorded the image on a floppy disk. I found that the digital process and ability to view the results instantly kept me interested in capturing what I saw and felt.

I enjoy the creative process and challenge of capturing a moment and creating an image that freezes that moment in time to be examined and savored. I particularly enjoy underwater photography, and showing those unfortunate people who do not dive the rich diversity and astounding beauty of the oceans.

I work full time in Information Technology, and escape the cold at least once a year to dive someplace warmer than Interior Alaska. . Other interests include Scuba diving, cooking, gardening, brewing beer, and reading.